Double Girder Overhead Crane UAE

Heavy duty applications

For medium up to high capacities and medium up to large spans: Our double girder overhead cranes are designed and manufactured individually according to your wishes and requirements. We rely on standardised and proven components from our modular system and can thereby offer tailor-made solutions at competitive terms!

The parallel arrangement of two OVAL girders allows the use of our double girder cranes for heavy-load applications such as in foundries, turbine installation and maintenance and machine construction.

Particularly for high capacities and large spans, the OVAL girder profile leads to a significant reduction of dead weight and installation dimensions. Its high stability allows capacities of up to 350 tons or spans of up to 50 meters.

On request we offer double girder overhead cranes in conventional plain girder design.

  • Low dead weight at high stability due to OVAL profile
  • Low installation dimensions
  • Low hook approaches
  • Cost savings in building construction
  • Large spans of up to 50 meters
  • Up to 350 ton capacity
  • For challenging applications
  • Classical plain girders are available as well

Take a look at our references and gain a first impression of the performance of our OVAL double girder overhead cranes. For more information about this topic, please visi OVAL profile.


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